About The Play

MURPHY’S LAW: Group Therapy Gone Wild, the play won the 2015 UCACT Award, awarded by the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders to promote mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

In Murphy’s Law, Dr. Kapewski, an unconventional, quirky and hippie-psychotherapist, brings her patients together for “Dramatic Group Therapy.” However, they are an eclectic bunch who might otherwise not be in the same circles. Their differences and individual paths in life, intrigue them to listen, relate and empathize with one another, but, not before anything that can go wrong, does go wrong, and Dr. Kapewski’s patients fly off the chain-gang, one by one, causing unpredictable scenes, laughter and drama in this group therapy gone wild.

MURPHY’S LAW: Group Therapy Gone Wild, the play, advocates Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention. Please see Mental Health Page to understand the urgency of education and awareness.



Through the medium of theatre, PHP, A&E contributes to our cultural and emotional enrichment by bringing to audiences, pertinent subject matter in a way that evokes laughter, tears and open communication.

MURPHY’S LAW: Group Therapy Gone Wild 

  • Destigmatizes the topic of mental health by revealing the common human thread of pain, suffering and healing
  • Offers hope to those who have considered or are considering suicide
  • Provides awareness and a connection with others which is a path to healing
  • Allows each audience member to connect to its characters and themes
  • Provokes communication about mental health, which is part of a healing process in some cases and an educational process for all


  • UCPAC (Loft), Rahway, NJ 2016 (production)
  • Hamilton Stage, Rahway, NJ 2015 (production)
  •  The Warehouse, Newark, NJ, 2015 (documentary)
  • Mary Burch Theatre, Newark, NJ, 2014 (workshop)


As a movement to bring awareness to Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, we aim to perform locally and tour our production to advocate and educate all about the importance of attaining a healthy mental health. Please join us in advocating by offering in-kind services, making a donation, sponsoring a production or becoming a benefactor. We urge you to help us, continue to help others to achieve quality of life.